7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit
7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit
7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit
7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit
7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit
7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit

7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit

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Deep cleans every corner of keyboard and earphones, suitable for most wireless Bluetooth, cameras, digital products, keyboards, car interiors, car air vents, printers, mobile phones, calculators, speakers, TVs, computers and others Home and Office Appliances, Soft Brush Set keeps your electronics clean and prolongs the life of your electronics.


Professional Keyboard Cleaning Kit

The retractable brush is perfect for cleaning large areas such as keyboards, laptops, and the keycap puller is used to remove keycaps. The long brush is perfect for cleaning flat keys or some small parts.šŸ‘

7-in-1 Cleaning Set

The keyboard cleaning set comes with a keyboard cover buckle, a high-density sliding brush, a multifunctional foldable cleaning pen, a cleaning spray bottle (empty bottle), etc., for cleaning cracks, stains, calcium salt particles, and dust. Specially selected nylon brush, soft bristles will not hurt the keyboard, high aperture strength, more labor-saving friction, durable

Split Dual-Head Design

The hidden double-head design meets various cleaning needs. Foldable Cleaning Pen with Silicone Tip, a High Density Small Brush and a Flocked Sponge, Four Types of Cleaning Heads, One Machine for Multiple Uses, Cleans Deep in Your Keyboard and Headphones, So There's No Room for Dust to Hide . Keep your equipment clean and extend its life!

Easy to store and carry

Simple and elegant design, lightweight. This product is smaller than the palm of your hand, so it is an easy-to-carry size. Essential computer, tablet and laptop accessories for men or women. Keep smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, laptops, computers, headphones, and all other gadgets flawless with this complete electronics cleaning kit.

Thoughtful Gift Idea

This exquisite gadget cleaning product set is a must-have for computer accessories, tablet or laptop accessories for teachers, students, office workers, artists, photographers.

Basic Information
Package dimensions ā€ :Ā ā€Ž 14.2 x 6 x 3.5 cm
Weight:Ā 90 grams

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